The new 2OookNest for the SL3

Finally, the first 2OookNest is done. This one will be off to Wales with us this weekend for a bit of product testing. The pictures are pretty self explanatory I think, but it’s basically a two person inner for the Golite SL3 which allows for a decent porch space. It pitches and drops under the outer too, which should make for a more pleasant experience in shite weather.

This particularly one has the heavier 70D PU nylon floor and weighs 730g.

Cost will be around £185 using a 70D PU or 30D silnylon floor and as with all the nests will be available in any combination of mesh and ripstop that takes your fancy.

2OookNest dimensions

Another Custom OookStar*

This one has a different shape to the standard and a smaller footprint. Using a 60cm high ripstop wall and a 30D silnylon floor it weighs 330g. Packed size is tiny.

I’m thinking of offering this as a standard item if there is interest in it. An all mesh version would be lighter still and nice for summer bug protection.

It has the working title of the BartStar* after the customer who came up with the layout idea.