A Quick Update – all a bit dull, really… I wouldn’t bother reading if I were you…

Time for an update. Doesn’t time fly when you’re chained to a sewing machine…
I have a final post of reflections on this past year simmering in the cauldron of my mind, but for now I’m taking the advise of a few friends and just getting something short up. Oooerr.

The trend is up. A pretty major slump around easter time, but on the whole I’m feeling a lot better.

Nests are shipping at a fair old rate of knots although there are still some folk who have been waiting a long time. Realistically, I reckon it’s going to be August before things are completely back on an even keel.

TGO Challenge orders have been busy again this year, and I’ve made some folk very happy, which makes me very happy. By the way – I’m applying next year.

Thanks to an exceptionally remarkable customer I’m now importing my fabric in bulk which means that I have enough fabric in stock to fulfill 6 months worth of orders which is a huge weight off my mind.

I’m starting to outsource a few simpler bits and pieces – groundsheets and the like – with the intention of offering them ‘Buy it Now’ through the site from stock. That will hopefully start in July.

The veg patch is coming together slowly and all the wee birdies are going cheep.

Finally, I want to stress once more that it is just me making these nests and they take a long time. I realise most folk probably know this already, but because this kind of business is pretty much unique these days in a world of Click and Buy merchandise, I think it’s sometimes easy for folk to lose sight of what it really means to make things from scratch, on your own, to order. I don’t import these things and just forward them on.
If I take a couple of days off, production stops. If I’m ill for a couple of days, production stops. The factory closes.

I need to have a brief rant…

I’ve had a couple of fairly pissy emails recently, using terms like “if you have no intention…” and “beyond a joke…”
I can’t deal with it. Simple as that. I am doing my best. I worked a 100 hour week in the run up to the TGOc to avoid letting folk down. I haven’t had anything resembling a break for two years (excluding time off with ill health)

And what do you think it will achieve? Will it make a few more days in the week magically appear?
All that will happen is that you’ll get a refund and no nest, or I’ll feel intimidated and push someone back who’s been waiting patiently. Neither of which are particularly positive outcomes.

So if you feel you can’t wait any longer, for whatever reason, then just send a polite email and ask for your money back. There really is no need to be unpleasant. Unless being unpleasant makes you feel better of course, in which case you can go stick your head in a pig, I’d rather not make you an OookNest.

Right, back to work. Thank you for reading. Thank you to all the fantastic customers – you make up the overwhelming majority and at the risk of getting all group huggy, your patience this past 12 months is what’s ensured that OookNests will continue to be available. Without it, I would have probably packed it all in.

The weather’s looking good so enjoy the weekend if you can. I’ve got a rotten cold. Pah.
Have a cat in a bag…