Introducing the 2Oookan Duomid Nest

Just finished today for a lovely couple of folk who have been waiting patiently for a long time. In fact they’ve just collected it in person. Always nice to meet customers.

Anyway. It’s a two person nest for the Duomid which was originally going to be just a one-off custom job, but I really like it and have decided to add it to the core range.

It’s the same length as the standard Duomid OookNest, but it’s 112cm wide, which is big enough to take two full size mats and still have a small 35cm deep porch for wet gear.

The idea is that when used as a solo shelter the pole will be inside the nest (there’s a hole in the top and a reinforcing patch on the floor), and when used for two it will be pitched using an A-frame arrangement. Two could fit in with the pole inside, but for longer trips it would be a bit of a pain, I reckon.

This particular one weighs just 440g thanks to the Chikara floor, which is actually lighter than the solo version with a 70d PU floor. Pack size is still tiny – it fits in the solo stuffsack with ease.
The customers have a cuben duomid, so they now have a good sized two person, double walled shelter weighing under a kilo.

So there you go. A huge solo inner which may be of interest to taller folk, and 2Oookan can also fit inside it. Boom-tish. I’ll get my coat.

A New Thing – The BugritBivy

I’ve wanted to do a really simple bug bivy for a while now, so I’ve been messing around with ideas in the evenings and yesterday I finished the prototype.

220cm x 62cm
5cm tub
Corner pegging points with Lineloks
30d silnylon floor
25g/sm mesh
Fibreglass pole

BugritBivy – 198g
Pole -11g

The pole is optional. The head section could be lifted and attached to your shelter, but the hoop shape does work well at keeping the mesh away from your face and for 11g I think it’s worth carrying it.
Hmmmm… hoops. Surprised none of the tent manufacturers have thought of that instead of forcing us to use trekking poles. I may approach some of them with my revolutionary new idea. I could call it a tunnel tent ;-)

The 2-way zip is roughly half the length of the bivy allowing easy access.

So there you have it. I won’t be making many changes to the production ones. I’m thinking of making it 10cm shorter and possibly 5cm higher, but that’s about it. I may also make a more substantial version – considerably wider at the head end and a 10cm tub with the Cunning Corner System, but that will of course weigh more.

I won’t be taking orders for these until probably next year, but I’m going to try and make a handful to offer through the new In Stock section of the site.

Bawbags with beaks

Bodies resembling scrotums and faces only a mother could love.

It can only mean one thing.

No, not an Outdoors Magic meet.

Blackbird chicks!

The nest is up in the roof space of the barn and they hatched a couple of days ago. I’m going to attempt to rig my camera up to a beam and leave it videoing to try and catch the adults feeding them.


Well so much for getting photies of their development. I think the worms around here must be particularly nutritious, as just 7 days after the first photie was taken I found this grumpy wee man sitting on the cat carrier in the barn.

Picked him up and put him back in the nest with his siblings and 2 minutes later they were all out and perched in various bits of the roof space.

Fetish Wear & Dirty Old Macs

Something of a change in direction for OookWorks – A foray into fetish wear.
The first item off the sewing machine is the prototype for a rather fetching pair of backless mesh undercrackers.

By a happy coincidence they also work quite well as a gear loft for the 2OookStar.

Weighing in at a skimpy 11g, they are are a true multi-use lightweight item.

My ancient Mac has died. But it didn’t go quietly. In a final and totally uncharacteristic act of rebellion, it decided to take my entire email database with it. All my email conversations, my folders, my orders, everything. NO, IT WASN’T BACKED UP!

Thanks to some rather clever third party software I was able to recover 99% of the emails, but all the folder structure has gone and so have my ‘sent items’. At least I have something to do of an evening now – sorting through a big steaming pile of 3500+ messages. I’d like to say it’s quite therapeutic, but I’d be lying.

So I have a new Mac now. Still an obsolete Power PC, but slightly less obsolete than my old one, and to me at least, it seems super fast. I’m also backing up my email database regularly.

I think I’ve replied to all recent emails, but if I haven’t this could well be the reason.