A miserable failure…

Hybrid cuben/ripstop/mesh OookNest for the MLD Duomid.

The goal was a full size Duomid OookNest with no compromises for under 300g. By no compromises I mean no reduction in size, no bonkers 0.1oz cuben groundsheet, a full T-zip, storage pockets…

I failed miserably. It’s 315g.

Sorry Robin :(

Check out the cuben/mesh pockets - bonded to the back wall.

6 thoughts on “A miserable failure…

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  3. That is a thing of beauty!!!!! Seriously, I’ve been zooming in on a lot of photos of your work lately, and the workmanship is out of this world! And this one in particular is gorgeous! MUST have one! I’ll place an order soon!!!!! :)