7 Steps to happiness – 2OookStar pitching instructions

1. Throw the whole thing behind the pole. There is a bit of red cord attached to one of the groundsheet main seam tieouts. This is the back centre pegging point and helps to get things positioned correctly first time.

2. Attach the 3 main seam back tieouts (starting with the centre one identified by the red cord) to the corresponding pegs on the Trailstar outer. Attach the mid point tieouts at this point too, if you think they’re needed. Adjust until it looks ‘right’ – evenly positioned in relation to the outer.

3. With the 2OookStar still flat, line up the top hole and the bottom hole.

4. Lift the pole and drop the end through both holes into the ground.

5. Grab the cord and lift the whole thing up. Clip the cord to the apex hook in the Trailstar apex and adjust using the linelok until the 2OookStar looks tight.

6. Peg out the two front tieouts.

7. Tighten the drawcords on the OookGussets to keep wee beasties out.

Done :)

6 thoughts on “7 Steps to happiness – 2OookStar pitching instructions

  1. Looks like it would be easier to lift the pole into the 2ookstar hole before tightening up the Trailstar during pitching. Once I’ve pitched the Trailstar using Pacer Poles and have it taught it would be hard to lift the pole. Some poles would allow to adjust easier than mine once pitched (mine stick)

    If I find some money down the couch I will be purchasing one, mainly for the rare occasions when in a Scottish camp site during the summer. Been waiting for something like this for ages :-)

    • Hi Steve,

      With the Black Diamond flicklocks it’s easy enough to just release the bottom section and shove it up a few inches, then drop it back down, but your idea sounds like a better plan for folk with inferior poles ;)

      • Inferior for inside a shelter maybe, but mine are far more comfortable for walking and realised I can now setup my GoPro on the Pacer Pole Tripod mount at the door to capture time lapse of the view. Inferior I think not, lol ;-)

  2. Cheers for this Sean, very helpful. Package arrived this morning. Looking fwd to trying out briefly Sunday night in Nevis before the TGO. Slick work Sir, looks the biz!

  3. Now I see that I did something wrong with pitching the innertent. I did the steps of photo 7 and 10 in another way. Hope to get my innertent soon. :)