The modular OookSystem

Roughly 12 months ago I came up with a modular system for Tracksterman comprising a bathtub floor and a separate midge proof net. The idea was that he could use the floor on it’s own and add the net when the wee beasties were about.

It worked well, he was very happy, and I sold a couple more to folk who had seen it on his blog. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it though, so I didn’t put it on the site and pursued it no further.

Fast forward 12 months and Martin from Summit and Valley sells his Trailstar and buys a Golite SL3. He’d seen the system I’d made for Tracksterman and wanted something similar so it was back to the drawing board.

Rather than attaching to the outer as in the old system, the floor is now self supporting using the same strut system as some of the OookNests and the OookTubs. The net attaches to the floor at the corners using a simple toggle and O-ring and there is another attachment point in the centre of each long side to help achieve good tension.

The net extends about 40cm lower than the tub edge and the idea is that your mat and various bits of kit will hold it in place.

The door has a two way zip so that once you’re inside and all tucked in you can open it from the top to access whatever you’ve just realised you’ve left in the porch.

This modular system will be available across the whole range of OookNests (including the Duomid and Trailstar nests) and will include solid ripstop uppers to allow for different conditions while still using the same floor.

The floor on this one is Chikara PU nylon and weighs 188g. The net weighs 229g

The net to floor attachment system is robust enough to allow the two to be left connected for faster pitching.

From £150
Ta for looking.

2 thoughts on “The modular OookSystem

  1. that is such a clever yet simple idea Sean. Funnily enough I was musing on the lack of modular components for tarps and tarp tents with a bathtub floor and option for a midge net. Why not go the extra mile and make another option for a solid detachable inner for the bathtub as well?


    • oops, missed the bit where you say you are going to do this anyway! D’oh!

      hats off to you sir, brilliant idea made real :)