NOT a tale of woe

This is not a tale of woe. No sympathy required, thank you very much. Pah.

It’s merely to explain my recent radio silence and the practical implications on OookWorks as a result of my life imploding 2 weeks ago. I had to leave my home and workshop and my options were limited in the extreme.

An old friend, nay, a feckin’ angel, came to my rescue and the past week has been spent moving my stuff, getting my new workshop set up, trying to sort a reliable internet connection, sorting and selling gear to raise funds for a car and generally trying to get my head together.

Yesterday I started sewing again and tomorrow I will be shipping an urgent order for someone who is off to the Alps this weekend. And that feels so good. I will not let anybody down. My customers throughout this first 12 months have been fantastic and I’ve worked too bloody hard at this to just let it all go.

Inevitably there will be delays to orders that have already been placed as I’ve pretty much lost 3 weeks of production time. I’m in the process of emailing everyone to point them to this post. They will all be getting a little Oook gift too. Because of my usual long wait times new orders will not be affected.

Ironic that this should happen just as I get multiple mentions in this month’s TGO magazine – thank you Chris. And thank you to several others who have been helpful, patient and supportive.

So there we are. It’s business as usual, if at a temporarily reduced pace. Oook is the word.

Finally a couple of photies. The new OookWorkshop is a kind of bedroom with bathroom above a detached garage in the countryside near Castle Douglas. If I lean my mattress against the wall there is just enough room to assemble the nests :)

There is a wee balcony that looks out over the fields and there are nests of swallow chicks in the eaves, and red kites overhead. So all in all it could all be a lot worse.

Thank you for reading. Hope I didn’t bore you too much.

An update

I haven’t been online much partly because I still haven’t got my own dedicated connection yet and partly because I’m not feeling particularly communicative just now.

But I’m sewing, which is the main thing, and look at this! The very first Oookstar from the new place. A somewhat bittersweet moment, but immensely satisfying because the customer needed it for a trip to the Alps next week and I was concerned at one point that I was going to have to let him down.

Here’s a photo of my buddies in the eaves.

And here’s one of them 2 days later on it’s first outing.

And here’s one of the coos. Which somehow have all turned into sheep this morning. Which kinda freaked me out for a moment.

11 thoughts on “NOT a tale of woe

  1. Sounds like a rough time was had, wish you all the best both personally and business-wise.

    Would the best support at the moment be an order right now or are you swamped at the moment?

  2. The present situation might be dull but in case you don’t realize it – you have everything you need for a future: a niche product in a growing market, in-house production, a loyal customer base. Best wishes from Germany and Italy!

  3. What a great effort. keep on stitching n best of luck. call me if I can help technically in anyway. have been in the stitching biz awhile”

  4. Thanks, all.
    Tor Magnus – yes, I’m swamped and lead times are at least 8 weeks, but then they have been for a while now anyway. But orders are still very much needed to keep the business ticking over as normal.
    Mike Parsons posting on my blog. THE Mike Parsons. Oh, bugger. This is getting serious.

  5. you are damn right about all the hard work you have put in over the past year and the reputation you have built up. I am so glad you have relocated and kept it all going. You deserve continued success in this. The care and attention to detail and sheer innovative way in which you have produced so many great products is testament to why you should continue.



  6. Sorry to hear you’ve had such upheaval but glad you’ve a friend at hand to help. The new place looks amazing, shape-shifting farm animals included. Hopefully the sewing will prove a therapeutic meditation and see you clear of current obstacles – may your excellent seams always run true!

  7. Castle Douglas! I might just have to drive down the A76 and take you out in those Galloway hills that you are now so close to. Obviously when the orders calm down a bit and you get settled. Hope all is going well and you are able to move on from whatever happened. Oh and keep up the good work :)