Back in the Land of the Living. Mostly.

Way past time for an update, methinks. Where to start?

This has been the hardest 3 months of my life and while not out of the woods yet, I do feel able to at least string a sentence together. Leaving aside the personal stuff, which I don’t want to go into details about on the internet, the practical difficulties have been enormous.

Yesterday, I finally moved into my new place. I have new transport, new bank account, new paypal account. I have no TV signal and after almost 3 weeks of phone calls and site visits it finally turns out that I can’t get broadband. I’m an idiot. What other online retailer would sign a lease on a place without checking the internet availability first? To be fair though, although it feels remote it’s only 3 miles from Castle Douglas. Unfortunately the telephone exchange isn’t at Castle Douglas…

View from the lounge this morning.

Anyway, satellite broadband has been ordered at vast expense and in the meantime my computer is still at my friend’s place and I’m going back every day or so to check emails etc.

I’m behind schedule. Badly behind. But now that I’m in the new place I can start making some real inroads into the backlog and I’ve just taken delivery of a big fabric order from the US so that’s one less thing to worry about.

The new OookWorkshop. Somewhat more spacious than the last one.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. 99% of customers have been magnificently understanding and I can’t blame the 1% who have been less so.

I also want to say a big thank you to folks who have sent good wishes. I simply haven’t felt up to responding to most of them, and for that I apologise, but you can be sure they were very gratefully received.

Nests have still been shipping and here is some feedback from one of the recent ones:

“Hi Sean
I hope you’re pleased to hear that the 2OookNest is highly appreciated.
It’s cavernous. I’m 182 cm and have ample space, lying or even sitting
on a folded NeoAir…
I still can’t quite believe how small it packs down and how light it is.
I’ve used umpteen tents, but for it’s stability and space this setup’s
incomparably light weight. Utterly incomparable.
We’re impressed. And Oook’ed
So we will be taking the SL3 2OookNest tent (what a name…) on
a 18-20 day trip across the northern scandinavian mountains this autumn.

Cheers for the great job.”

And a cracking little ditty about a groundsheet protector…

“OookWorks groundsheet protector works a treat. Made of silnylon it looks so neat.

Covers the porch and under the inner; I think our Sean is onto a winner.

Extras you get are stuff bag and cord, and sold at a price we all can afford”

And finally as most of you will know, I’ve been shortlisted for TGO magazine Online Outdoor Retailer of the Year 2012. I have very mixed feelings about this. Absolutely thrilled to have been nominated alongside some big respected names, but it’s tinged with sadness because of recent events, and to be honest my customer service has been way below par recently.

I wish it had come at a different time. I have two days to decide whether to attend the awards or not, as I’m not feeling particularly sociable at the moment.

So that’s where we are at the moment. Thanks for reading. Oook.


8 thoughts on “Back in the Land of the Living. Mostly.

  1. Hello Sean,

    I hope you’re already on your way to the TGO show: not only for the PR which you need right now but simply to meet your (present and future) customers!
    Pity I can’t be there, I would have liked to tell you how much I miss your tent! I hink I’ll use it next year, but … probably I’ll need a bigger one next year, the family is growing.

    Best wishes from the 99% customers ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your hard times Sean. I hope things are turning around now, and your new place works out well. I sure know I would miss the Internet or not being able to get to where I can see a computer. I hope I’m part of the 99% and not that 1% Sean. I know you will get the tent completed in good time, and I don’t mind the wait it’s the quality that I am looking for that’s why I ordered from you in the first place.

  3. Really good to hear you’re getting settled, even if the new place doesn’t have shape shifting farm beasties! Fingers crossed you win the TGO Award -it would be well deserved and hopefully already proving a lift up in an otherwise dark period. Vive la Oook!

  4. Hang in there chap! All the reviews are positive and I’m looking forward to receiving the chikara/cuben Oookstar in due course. Glad that you have found some new digs and that you are back in the game. You have already built up a strong reputation and following, so I’m sure you come back up for air soon (even if the internet is cr@p). Best regards J

  5. Hi Sean sorry to hear about the upheavals. Difficult to deal with, but stay positive!
    Looking forward to receiving the Oookstar when you get back into production again. Your products are something special and unique!