Fetish Wear & Dirty Old Macs

Something of a change in direction for OookWorks – A foray into fetish wear.
The first item off the sewing machine is the prototype for a rather fetching pair of backless mesh undercrackers.

By a happy coincidence they also work quite well as a gear loft for the 2OookStar.

Weighing in at a skimpy 11g, they are are a true multi-use lightweight item.

My ancient Mac has died. But it didn’t go quietly. In a final and totally uncharacteristic act of rebellion, it decided to take my entire email database with it. All my email conversations, my folders, my orders, everything. NO, IT WASN’T BACKED UP!

Thanks to some rather clever third party software I was able to recover 99% of the emails, but all the folder structure has gone and so have my ‘sent items’. At least I have something to do of an evening now – sorting through a big steaming pile of 3500+ messages. I’d like to say it’s quite therapeutic, but I’d be lying.

So I have a new Mac now. Still an obsolete Power PC, but slightly less obsolete than my old one, and to me at least, it seems super fast. I’m also backing up my email database regularly.

I think I’ve replied to all recent emails, but if I haven’t this could well be the reason.

One thought on “Fetish Wear & Dirty Old Macs

  1. Hehe fantastic Sean! Where do I sign up for backless mesh undercrackers and does that make me a dirty old man lol! ?