A New Thing – The BugritBivy

I’ve wanted to do a really simple bug bivy for a while now, so I’ve been messing around with ideas in the evenings and yesterday I finished the prototype.

220cm x 62cm
5cm tub
Corner pegging points with Lineloks
30d silnylon floor
25g/sm mesh
Fibreglass pole

BugritBivy – 198g
Pole -11g

The pole is optional. The head section could be lifted and attached to your shelter, but the hoop shape does work well at keeping the mesh away from your face and for 11g I think it’s worth carrying it.
Hmmmm… hoops. Surprised none of the tent manufacturers have thought of that instead of forcing us to use trekking poles. I may approach some of them with my revolutionary new idea. I could call it a tunnel tent ;-)

The 2-way zip is roughly half the length of the bivy allowing easy access.

So there you have it. I won’t be making many changes to the production ones. I’m thinking of making it 10cm shorter and possibly 5cm higher, but that’s about it. I may also make a more substantial version – considerably wider at the head end and a 10cm tub with the Cunning Corner System, but that will of course weigh more.

I won’t be taking orders for these until probably next year, but I’m going to try and make a handful to offer through the new In Stock section of the site.

3 thoughts on “A New Thing – The BugritBivy

  1. Hello,

    I would be interested in acquiring one of these. I think the idea of going with a higher bathtub is a good one.

    It looks like the loop tie-outs for the pole have 3 or 4 inches of webbing on them. What was the design reasoning for going with that much, and not just attaching the d-ring right where the fiberglass rod is attached? Did you find that movement was causing those to pull out of the ground, and thus the need for more webbing?

    • Hi John,
      I’m definitely going to offer a higher bathtub option, but I’ll still offer this version too, as a simple ultralight option.
      Re: the webbing. Yes, that was partly the reason – to introduce a bit of ‘give’, but I also wanted to keep the stakes away from delicate fabrics/mats etc. The heads of the Y stakes I use are quite pointy :-)