I appear to have found myself on the list for the 2014 TGO Challenge.

Kit list is undecided, but will definitely include one of these…

Baseweight is also undecided, but will be in the region of 60kg, as I’ll be taking a machine so I can do a bit of work of an evening.

I think I’d better try and find my hill legs. I think I left them in storage with my self esteem, social skills and sense of humour.

3 thoughts on “TGOhhhhhCrap!

  1. Congratulations Sean! It sounds like you have a great plan but if you need more inspiration I recommend the Swedish comedy films “J√∂nssonligan”, for example “The Johnsson Gang gets Gold Fever” (1984) is free on Youtube with text in English here:


  2. Yes, your title for this post says it all ! Very glad to hear it’s come good for you though.