Another Custom OookStar*

This one has a different shape to the standard and a smaller footprint. Using a 60cm high ripstop wall and a 30D silnylon floor it weighs 330g. Packed size is tiny.

I’m thinking of offering this as a standard item if there is interest in it. An all mesh version would be lighter still and nice for summer bug protection.

It has the working title of the BartStar* after the customer who came up with the layout idea.

One thought on “Another Custom OookStar*

  1. Hi Sean, I used this custom Oookstar you made for me for two weeks on the TGO Challenge. I must say that I’ve been very happy with it. I think the trailstar is a very good sort of tent/tarp for the weather conditions on the challenge. However I do like more comfort than a tarp can provide and i don’t like bivy’s. I found that the Bartstar :) was excellent for giving the comfort and shelter that I longed for.