Tweaking the Duomid OookNest

February appears to be the month of the Tweak; this time it’s the turn of the Duomid OookNest.
Two changes for this nest. The floor has been shortened to 220cm and the corners of the floor have been made vertical using struts. This reduces the weight slightly, gives a better bathtub and if anything increases the useable space inside.

The newly tweaked Duomid OookNest

New shape corners with struts

The second tweak brings the tensioning adjusters inside the nest, the same as the OookStar.

Tensioner from outside

Tensioner from inside

So there we have it. A couple of useful tweaks, and about 25g shaved off the weight.


Tweaking the OookStar*

After receiving some excellent and useful feedback from Blogger Zed I’ve spent a couple of days making tweaks to the OookStar. The main issue I wanted to address was improving the pitch over a range of heights.

OookStar at 115cm pitch height

I’ve come up with a secondary hanging system that enables the OookStar to pitch tight as low as 95cm. Very simple to use, you just tighten the cord using the line lock, effectively gathering in all the slack from the seams.

Tighten the cord

And attach the apex hook of the Trailstar to the cord and that’s it done.

Clip to the apex hook

OookStar pitched for a 95cm height

The tensioning cords are now adjustable from inside the nest. Just clip them any old how as you are setting it up and then tighten or slacken using the micro cordlock from inside.

New Tensioning system

Finally, carbon struts in the corners help the bathtub to retain it’s shape.

Corner struts