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OookStar XL with ripstop/mesh walls, 30d silnylon floor - 510g

2016 - 5th Anniversary of the Oookstar!

Larger version of the OookStar.
It has one extra short side, so 5 sided instead of 4 sided.
Great for taller folk, one and a child or one and a dog or large stuffed toy.

Pitch with the pole inside the same as the 2OookStar, or if the weather's not too wild have the pole outside and at an angle to really maximise the space.

From £220 inc. UK P&P
Contact me to order
254cm x 166cm (widest point) x 107cm high

510g weight with combination ripstop and mesh walls and 30d silnylon floor (Including all tieouts,etc)

12g silnylon stuffsack

30D silnylon floor as standard (Other options available)

Inverted T Zip as standard allowing the entire front to open up.

OookWorks Cunning Corner system for a perfect bathtub.

Internally adjustable lifters on three main seams.

YKK #3 Zips

Chikara floor - adds £40

70D PU floor - adds 150g weight

35cm ripstop walls - adds £40

35cm cuben fibre walls - adds £70

As with all my products I can offer custom options... Storage pockets, different groundsheet fabrics, different amounts of solid fabric fabric and mesh....

Just contact me to discuss.