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This page is up to date 21 July 2018
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Duomid OookNest - 1 only at this low price

Full mesh upper

2 piece black 30d silnylon floor - seam sealed



Micro Tarp

Nice wee tarp for head and torso plus gear protection when using a bivy.

Finest quality grey 30d silnylon.

Eight tieout points with lineloc tensioners for simple set-up.

Bigger than a lot of other micro tarps for better coverage.

162cm x 162cm


Stuffsack included.

No Tieout cord included. You'll need to get some 2.5mm or 3mm cord. Readily available online.

Prices inc. shipping

Currently available in black, not green.
Multishelter OookTub

The Original Multishelter Bathtub Groundsheet

Now available in three widths - 70cm, 90cm, 120cm

Works great under tarps, single skin shelters and tents that can be pitched outer only.
Check that the dimensions will work with your particular shelter.

Highest quality black 30d silnylon or black 70d PU Nylon
220cm x 70cm, 220cm x 90cm, 220cm x 120cm
OookWorks Cunning Corner System
5 inch high bathtub wall
Stuffsack included
Tiny packed size
Silnylon - 190g, 230g, 260g
PU Nylon - 280g, 355g, 420g

"Just received my 'off the shelf' Oooktub and I'm really pleased. The workmanship is outstanding and delivery was within 4 days, even to my rural location.
I bought it primarily as an option for my Scarp1, but I'm delighted to find that it also fits my Force Ten Helium (2010 model). So now I've got a sub 800g summer option that still retains F10's bombproof Tension Band System and keeps the Helium's tiny footprint.
Full marks to Sean."

70cm wide

30d Silnylon 70d PU Nylon
Prices inc. shipping
Prices inc. shipping

90cm wide

30d Silnylon 70d PU Nylon
Prices inc. shipping
Prices inc. shipping

120cm wide

30d Silnylon 70d PU Nylon
Prices inc. shipping
Prices inc. shipping

Trailstar Solo OookTub

The original Bathtub floor for the Trailstar.

One person, 30D silnylon floor with the OookWorks Cunning Corner System.
Stuffsack included.

Prices inc. shipping