Welcome to OookWorks – Ultralight backpacking, cottage-industry, hand-made gear.

I make innovative lightweight camping and backpacking gear particularly suited to the needs of UK and Northern European users.

The range includes stuff sacks and dry bags, but most of you will be more interested in the ultralight shelters and custom inners for tents and shelters, bathtub groundsheets, footprints. In the new year, I’ll be adding a new range of items that I’m sure lots of you will be VERY interested in. More as we move on.

I’m sure you’re here because you have either enjoyed OookWorks gear in the past or heard some nice words from someone who has. There are OookWorks Nests being used all around the world, every continent, including Antarctica!

Now, to help get us get moving again, why not let me know what you would like?

To start off, I'll be making some stock items that will be available for immediate shipping. These items will depend on the feedback I get from these forms!
I'll email you when your suggested product is available 🙂

I will get back to you as we build the new range of products, please be patient, but for now, thank you very much and hopefully, we’ll speak soon.


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