I’ve spent the last 30 years wild camping in the UK and France so after completing the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District, it was time to become a Mountain Leader. I did this in 2018. I take people out wild camping and run workshops in expedition survival and mountain navigation.

After taking over as owner of OookWorks in the summer of 2020 I now make ultralight wild camping gear. The two businesses are in the process of being merged and I have rebranded WildFire Expeditions with the new OookWorks name.

Hilleberg Akto wild camp overlooking Blencathra
Hilleberg Akto wild camp overlooking Blencathra

Mountain Adventures

In 2015 I started wild camping in the mountains and with 100 logged mountain days, 38 mountain wild camps, 60 days taking groups out in the Lake District, Peak District and remote parts of Scotland, I took the mountain Leader assessment. WildFire Expeditions was created and since then I’ve led expeditions, run navigation workshops and taught lots of people the art of wild camping in tents, simple tarps, hand-made shelters in the woods and hammocks.

With Robustours, I also run the Mountain Leader Academy where we teach members all they need to know to become an MTA UK Mountain Leader. We currently have 6 members who we take on long distant hikes, challenge events, wild camping expeditions and navigation courses, which they assist on and lead.

Hammock camping in the woods
Hammock camping in the woods

Ultralight Wild Camping Gear

We hand-make ultralight backpacking gear. My pack is consistently under 5kg when I wild camp.

If you need to make your pack lighter, whether it be because you would like to go faster, further or for longer, we can help. Take a look at the OookShop or drop me a line to discuss coming on and expedition and learning how to reduce the size of your pack.

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