After starting in 2012, OookWorks soon built a great reputation for making custom, hand made, ultralight wild camping gear.

Sean passed the business to me during the summer with a promise to continue making immaculate nests and groundsheets by hand. Sean is no longer part of OookWorks.

We won’t be taking orders this year for anything that isn’t made already, in stock and ready to be posted. However, there is a form on the website for you to request something you would like!

OookWorks Ultralight Outdoor Gear

You can buy stuff sacks on the website right now. Dry-bags and groundsheets will be available in the coming weeks with nests (based on feedback from the ‘requests’ form) being added before the end of the year.

In addition to all of the OookWorks regulars, I will be introducing a big love of mine – tarps!

The OookWorks Nightshade Micro-Tarp
The OookWorks Nightshade Micro-Tarp

The OookWorks Nightshade for example weighs in at 170g!

New Ultralight Gear for 2021

As a Mountain Leader, owner of WildFire Expeditions and a wild camper for nearly 30 years (started young), I camp in the mountains and cruel weather. So hopefully, as testing continues, you’ll be reassured of the quality of our shelters.

My name is Chris Waldron and you can get in touch at

Hopefully, you’ll support us, come on one of our camping trips (subscribe in the footer to be notified when we have a date) and become a customer.