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As we get going again, stronger than ever, I’ll be adding much more ultralight wild camping gear to the OookShop. I’ll be adding waterproof dry-bags next week and bathtub groundsheets (when I get the webbing from far away lands). After that, I have some exciting new ultralight products, new to OookWorks (things that I’ve been testing in Wales and Scotland for the last two years).

Ultralight Wild Camping with OookWorks Gear
Ultralight Wild Camping with OookWorks Gear

Nests will come soon, I promise, so please SUBSCRIBE to the mailing list in the footer to be notified when that happens. You can support us by buying some ultralight wild camping gear that you see in the shop. I’m taking no bespoke orders at the moment, so try the new stuff out, as it comes, and be reassured of the quality.

Exciting times as most of the family are involved now. Hope you’ll stick with us.

Oh, and shipping is free! If you live outside of the UK, please send me a message and I’ll work out the shipping (until I sort out the auto-shipping-calculator).



DCF – Cuben Fiber

Stuff Sacks

Flat Groundsheets


Camp Accessories

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