3mm Orange Reflective Paracord (10m)


Our 3mm Orange Reflective Paracord for guy lines will show up bright in the day time and reflect the smallest bit of light in the night.

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Guy lines should be visible and this reflective paracord comes in orange. The smallest bit of light will help you find follow your guys to stakes, will reduce the chance of you decapitating yourself if you hammock camp and will be nice and bright during the daytime.

3mm Paracord in Lineloc
3mm Paracord in Lineloc
  • 10 metres of 3mm orange paracord
  • Bites nicely in a Lineloc
  • Strong construction
  • Weighs 33 grams

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3mm Orange Reflective Paracord
3mm Orange Reflective Paracord (10m)