Dyneema Composite Fabric (Cuben Fiber) OookLight Stuff Sacks


Our Oooklight Stuff Sacks are made from Cuben Fiber, super-strong and ideal for storing everything from money to sleeping bags, tarps and OookTubs.


The Dyneema Composite Oooklight Stuff Sack is a very lightweight, super-strong bag with a simple design.

Very water-resistant DCF stuff sack
Very water-resistant DCF stuff sack
  • Nano, Micro, 1, 2, 3 and 6 Litre capacity
  • Super ultralight!
  • Made from 0.51oz Dyneema Composite Fabric (Cuben Fiber)
  • Very water ‘resistant’ (although not sealed as such)
  • Packs teeny tiny
  • Simple pullcord closure
  • Taped (not one stitch)
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Made with ♥ by hand in England


  • Nano – 4g – 90x130mm – Small electronics or money
  • Micro – 5g – 120x180mm – Electronics, phone or snacks
  • Wee 1L – 6g – 150x230mm – perfect for the OookWorks Whisper micro tarpOookMid, first aid or waterproofs
  • Small 2L – 7g – 180x280mm – perfect for our Bug Bivvy, sil Duomid, waterproofs, an OookTub or WeeNest
  • Medium 3L – 8g – 210x330mm – perfect for tarp tents or to use as a small pillow
  • Large 6L – 9g – 240x380mm – perfect for clothes, a Trailstar, summer sleeping bag
  • Trailstar 7L – 10g – 230x450mm – Fits a SILNYLON Trailstar perfectly

Sizes and volumes are approximate.

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Cord end on stuff sack
Cord end on stuff sack

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