Come with me on expedition. We’ll spend two days and two nights in the wild with only what’s in our packs. Fancy a tent camp, tarp or hammock camp?


When you have two nights out you really have some scope to enjoy being out in the wild to its best. Maybe you’d like to take on one of the amazing sites the Lake District has to offer. Maybe you’d like to camp in a tent one night and a tarp or hammock the next. It can all be arranged.

We’ll talk about:

  • What wild camping kit to pack
  • How to pack
  • What to wear
  • How to choose a suitable shelter and how to pitch it
  • Where to get and how to choose food for an expedition
  • How to choose a campsite

Then two days and nights:

  • Hiking
  • Learning about the area, geology, wildlife, even photography
  • Supper
  • The camp
  • Breakfast

You choose the date.

Ready to make the move? Let get booked.


Want to make it a trip for two, more? Just get in touch.


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Expedition in Scotland