Hammock Camp


Come spend a night with me hanging out in the woods. I’ll prepare you in advance for your hammock camp and show you how best to enjoy it.



There’s nothing like sleeping in a hammock, hanging from the trees, hearing the owls in the night and waking to a cuckoo.

We’ll discuss hammock camping kit, the best stuff to use and where to get it from but I have plenty of gear that you can borrow.

We’ll talk about:

  • What hammock camping kit to pack
  • How to pack
  • What to wear
  • How to choose a suitable shelter and how to hang it
  • Where to get and how to choose food for an expedition
  • How to choose a campsite to hand your hammock


  • Hiking into the woods
  • Fire lighting and construction
  • Cooking supper
  • The camp
  • Breakfast

You choose the date.

Price for one-night hammock camping is only £150 with options for bringing friends.


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Hanging out in a hammock in the woods
Hammock Camp