Peg Pusher


The OookWorks Peg Pusher reduces the chance of damaging your hand when pushing tent pegs into the ground, makes it comfortable in fact.

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Our Peg Pusher is a simple product that is available in most hardware stores with the guts removed so the head of any (I think) tent peg will fit inside, even an Easton. If you use Groundhogs, Y stakes, titanium pins or a peg has broke and poked a nice hole in your hand, you’ll have hoped you had used one of these.

Just pop it over the top of your tent peg and push it down into the ground.

  • Made from mega tough plastic
  • Comfortable to use and prevents damage to your cold hands
  • Fits over any tent peg
  • Weighs 12 grams
  • Fits into your OookWorks Peg Bag


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Peg Pusher
Peg Pusher