Ultralight Wild Camping Workshop


Let’s first get your pack weight down from 12kg to 5kg, then we’ll go for your first ultralight wild camp in the Lake District, Peaks or Snowdonia.



There are many reasons why wild campers go ultralight. Let’s look into yours and find what kit suits YOU. We make ultralight wild camping gear and my pack is consistently under 5kg so we’ll have everything you need for a light and comfortable pack.

We’ll talk about:

  • Your existing pack, what’s in it and why you don’t need half of it
  • What shelter to use
  • Sleeping systems
  • The right stove for you
  • Ultralight food and where to get it from
  • All the other crap that weighs you down


  • We’ll go hiking
  • Cook supper
  • Your first ultralight wild camp
  • Breakfast

You choose the date.

Price for one-night wild camping is only £150 with options for bringing friends.


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Ultralight Wild Camping Workshop