Velcro Adjustable Strap


Handy adjustable velcro straps for wild camping, bike camping or at home, keep your gear packed tight.


These velcro straps are adjustable and super handy when you want to keep your mattress tightly packed, for strapping your tent to your pack or coiling up a cable at home.

Velcro Adjustable Strap
Velcro Adjustable Strap


  • #1 – (120mm) for a radius of 50 to 120mm
  • #2 – (230mm) for a radius of 120 to 240mm
  • #3 – (380mm) for a radius of 220 to 380mm
  • #4 – (440mm) for a radius of 220 to 430mm
  • #5 – (540mm) for a radius of 260 to 530mm

All are made from 20mm wide velcro.


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Adjustable Velcro Strap
Velcro Adjustable Strap