Wild Camp


Come with me for a night in the wild in a tent or under a shelter. I’ll prepare you in advance for your wild camp and show you how best to enjoy it.



Our night in the wild will start at tea-time. I will have helped you with your gear already, what to take and how to plan meals, I’ll have prepared you for a night in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t just a night camping, it’s a wild camping course.

We’ll take a short walk out to find a suitable campsite, and I’ll show you how to choose one.

After getting our shelter pitched we’ll cook our supper and discuss how to treat water in the wild before we drink it.

What’s included discussions about:

  • What wild camping kit to pack
  • How to pack
  • What to wear
  • How to choose a suitable shelter and how to pitch it
  • Where to get and how to choose food for an expedition
  • How to choose a campsite


  • Hiking to the campsite
  • Supper
  • The camp
  • Breakfast

You choose the date.

Price for one-night wild camping is only £150 with options for bringing friends.


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Wild Camp