The OookMid with the WeeNest in Snowdonia

The OookMid, OookWorks first tarp-tent is here!

The OookMid Tarp Tent is a perfect ultralight shelter for one person. Made to use with the WeeNest inner it also has porch space for cooking.

Ultralight Wild Camping with OookWorks Gear

Things are moving along nicely with OookWorks products. Most recently I’ve added some gear to be used with the Trailstar, our first ultralight shelter, the Whisper, the WeeNest (which fits under most mid-supported tarp-tents) and now, OookWorks first tarp-tent, the OookMid.

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Shipping is free on orders over £20. Just ordering a couple of ‘bits’ like paracord where the order is under £20 adds a shipping fee of £2.

OookWorks - Made In Manchester

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